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Insurance fund


    Top Investor Month

    Investment: $300.00
    ROI: $
    Referral: 5%-1%-1%
    Witdrawal: Manual
    Lifetime: 2018-05-15 (343days)
    Added: 2018-05-18 (340days)
    Last Payout: -
    Resources: hyiplistersall monitorsall monitors
    104% - 3000% after 1 - 30 days
    We are professionals in the investment field. Each of us plays extremely important role in the company’s operation process making it possible for investors to gain profit. It is due not only to our experience and managing substantial capital, but correctly chosen market segment as well. For it is about scientific robotics industry! Till year 2020, the global market of modern industrial robots is projected to amount to 44.44 billion dollars! According to IFR estimation, till year 2020 2.5 million industrial robots will be installed all around the globe!

    1、You can't deposit with one pay processor and request RCB payment from another. 
    2、The RCB payment will be processed within 24 hours after confirmed. 
    3、Please Do NOT submit RCB requestment if you Re-invested from your account balance when there is no referral commission. 
    4、All RCB payment not claimed within 1 Days after the deposit date will be deemed WAIVED in favor of charity. 
    5、If your RCB payment request had been deleted, it means that you are not my referral or broken the rules of RCB. 
    6、RCB will be processed Max 1-2 working days after requested. 
    7、Keep in mind minimal limits at e-currencies, but the minimal RCB amount must have at least 1 USD.
    8、Do not submit RCB request once you reinvested from your user balance, referral commissions are generated from external deposits.
    9、Double-check your upline during the registration process or open my referral link in another browser if you alrady visited the hyip earlier.

    RCB:First Deposit: $0.00      Next Deposit: $0.00      Member a bonus: $0.00
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    • Feb 05th,2019
    • Hooplex

      30 Days 0.7% per day; 60 Days 0.8% per day; 90 Days 0.9% per day; 120 Days 1% per day; 150 Days 1.05% per day; 180 Days 1.1% per day. Deposit will be returned

    • Oct 01st,2017
    • Private Equity

    • Nov 22nd,2018
    • Weenzee

      0.65%-1.19% For 30-360 Days Principal Back

    • Jul 13th,2018
    • Bitwealth Company

      0.1% - 2% Daily Forever / 5% Daily For 365 Days / 10% Daily For 180 Days / 20% Daily For 90 Days

    • Mar 26th,2018
    • Firstblockchain

    • Jan 15th,2018
    • Easy Cash Money

      0.1% - 2% Daily For Lifetime / 2% - 5% Daily For 365 Days / 5% Fixed Daily For 365 Days

    • Oct 12th,2017
    • W Capital

      0.1%-1.5% Daily For Lifetime / 2%-3% Daily For 730 Days / 5% Daily For 365 Days

    • May 01st,2015
    • Golden Tea

      Income Per Day 0.6%

    • Jun 05th,2017
    • Triumph Trade

      0.3% Daily For 3 Years / 2% Daily For 2 Years / 5% Daily For 1 Year

    • Aug 02nd,2016
    • Perfect Lottery

      Make your BET and WIN 200% or 300%, if your bet is right!

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